Forward to 2018 (PSCS)

Discovery Suites, Ortigas, Manila

A lively seminar filled with professionals from all segments of the cosmetic industry, One Chemcentral Inc. participated to share its exciting and new product offerings from its partners for Korean raw materials, natural waxes, and natural plant extracts to be showcased in the event which is geared towards 2018 latest trends.

This year’s presentation focuses on three major key concept groups: Jeju Island products from Korea, natural waxes, and plant extracts.

Attendees were able to learn about our products from our representatives in our booth and from our keynote highlighting the key advantages of using natural products in product formulations and for the environment.

In the year 2018 where everything is advancing, it is exciting to see that the cosmetic industry in the Philippines is very much willing and is looking deeply into improving in terms of considering for alternative products and using both common and uncommon products to look back and preserve our environment.