Globally competitive and specially produced synthetic and naturally derived waxes with distinct uses on all types of cosmetic applications

Specially developed to compete with the growing global standards of synthetic and natural wax for various types of cosmetic applications such as lipstick and hair wax, it offers outstanding performance in traditional requirements while offering its own benchmarks to raise the performance of the ingredients and practicality of cost in use.


  • Obtained by combining waxy raw materials that enable to reproduce natural beeswax characteristics.
  • Natural-like candelilla wax composed of at least 60% vegetal matrix wax


  • Wax secreted by working bees in order to build the honeycombs in the hive
  • Acts as conditioning skin agent and inihibits syneresis process in lipsticks
  • Confers emolliency without greasy after feel
  • Demonstrates high oil-binding capacity, glossy effect and rich texture